Content Email Data

Curious how Content Emails are performing? We've got you covered.

Admins can access data for sent Content Emails. This provides insights to use to drive results for your team.

View Content Email data

View information about the Content Emails sent to users. 

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The following data is available. 

  • Email: Title of the email sent.
  • Frequency: How often the email will be sent.
  • When: Date and time the email was sent. 
  • Segments: Audience for the email, which can include one or more Segments.
  • Subject Line: Email subject for the Content Email.
  • # of posts: Total posts available to send in the email.
  • Post Types: Types of posts selected to send in the Content Email.
  • Recipients: Total number of people sent the Content Email.
  • Opens: Total number of recipients who opened the email and viewed the content.
  • Clicks: Total number of clicks for any link in the Content Email. 

🔹 The number of posts does not designate every recipient receives that number of posts, since receipt is dependent on if the recipient has viewed the content in the Content Email.

🔸 If you have DMARC set up for link inspection, Content Emails may show inflated numbers. This is because links are inspected to ensure the emails and content are not phishing or malicious. When a link is inspected, it can register as a click even if the recipient does not actually click on the link. This can lead to inflated click counts and skew the data. By disabling link inspection, the click counts will only reflect actual clicks by recipients, providing more accurate data.

You now have all the tools available to manage Content Emails. Check out our other Content Email articles to learn more about this feature.

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