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Sharing content to social networks is crucial to building an audience and a brand. Content can be used to share expertise and interesting ideas, and to showcase what’s happening within your network and your community.

This article outlines how to share content from EveryoneSocial while using a desktop device. Click here for information on how to share content using a mobile device

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  • This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.
  • This article is applicable to anyone using a desktop device.

There are two ways to share content.

Share a published post

Sharing posts published in EveryoneSocial to a social network is the most popular sharing method. A Share button will present if you haven’t shared a post, and a Shared button will present if you have shared the post. See below.

Share and Shared Buttons.jpg

Share published posts in 5 quick steps.

  1. Click Share.
  2. Toggle ON social networks.
  3. Customize share copy.*
  4. Select share schedule.

    Share Now: Share immediately.

    Share Later: Share at a specific date and time of your choosing.

    Share Automatically: EveryoneSocial selects when the share will publish, usually the same day or the following day. We publish automated shares multiple times daily and consider the weekday, likelihood of engagements, as well as the number of other posts you have scheduled. We won't publish shares on weekends or publish multiple shares at the same time.

  5. Click Share.

Admin may disable this feature. Please check with your program Admin if this is unavailable.

Posts may have multiple share copy suggestions. Click here to learn more about multiple share versions

Alternative share methods

Send to Email and Share Directly are also options on the share page. Both options copy the link to the post in EveryoneSocial. 

  • Send to Email: Opens your default email program with the link to the post pasted in the email copy. Be sure to complete the rest of the email, including the recipients, subject, and body, before sending it.
  • Share Directly: Copies the link to your clipboard for you to share the post directly in other locations.

Compose an external share

Admin may disable this feature. Please check with your program Admin if this is unavailable. 

Sometimes you’ll want to share content to social networks without publishing it to the Workspace. In this case, you’ll compose an External Share by taking the following steps.

  1. Click Compose > External Share.
  2. Choose your Post Type. See Below
  3. Choose media.
  4. Toggle on networks to share to.
  5. Customize copy.
  6. Toggle on Schedule for Later to use the scheduler.
  7. Click Share.

external share process.gif

Post types

Consider three post types when sharing content.

  • Link post: A share, with a featured URL, typically includes an image and description from the URL.
  • Image post or Video post: A media-rich post that emphasizes the images or video shared.
  • Text post: A post that only consists of text. It can be styled, hyperlinked, and have emojis.

Social network details

To view more information on how to share to other networks, such as Slack or Weibo, please view the list below or check out our articles for sharing content and media

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