How Your Timeline Works

A Timeline is a personalized feed of posts from Groups joined. Timelines allow you to scroll content that is most meaningful to you when you view your homepage or Group pages.

There are two types of Timelines.

  • My Timeline: Your default homepage feed, comprised of posts from all Groups you joined.
  • Group Timeline: A Group's homepage feed, comprised of posts from that Group only.

Sort your Timeline

🔸 Admin may disable this feature. Please check with your program Admin if this is unavailable. 

Timelines are “Trending” by default but can be sorted in two ways.

  • Trending: Sorted posts based on an algorithm of high engagement (reactions + shares), branded posts, pinned posts, and newness.
  • Chronologically: Pinned posts are sorted first, followed by recent posts.

🔹Note: Pinned posts will always appear at the top of Timelines for the duration they're pinned. Post banners do not affect Timeline sorting, only the post's appearance.

To sort your Timeline:

  1. Go to My Timeline or a Group Timeline.
  2. Click the Timeline’s three dots menu.
  3. Choose Trending or Chronologically.

🔹Note: Sorting a Timeline by chronological or by trending applies to all Timelines. Your Timeline and every Group’s Timeline will change simultaneously when changing from chronological or trending and vice versa.

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