Youtube and EveryoneSocial Overview

Social networks have unique approaches to social and how they want you to interact. This determines how content is displayed, which brings a set of guidelines, capabilities, and best practices for each network – and Youtube is no different. There are a lot of considerations to understand the nuances between Youtube and EveryoneSocial in an effort to build brand awareness. This article explores the relationship between Youtube and EveryoneSocial, and techniques for gathering relevant data.

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Drive visibility directly on Youtube

Youtube is a video-sharing platform, and it does not provide EveryoneSocial with an opportunity to share content from EveryoneSocial to Youtube. Content needs to be posted on Youtube first, where it can be engaged with to increase visibility with different audiences.

Here are a few ways you can encourage your team to engage with Youtube videos.

This increases traffic to the video, which is known to increase impressions and virality chances.

This article walks you through how to create an engageable post in EveryoneSocial. Be sure to use a publicly accessible link from Youtube. Copy the link to a Youtube post by tapping Share and then tap Copy Link. Paste the copied link in the URL field for a link post in EveryoneSocial.

Engageable link post youtube.gif


The following data is available for Youtube on the “Users: External Activity” report because the data is based on link posts that use a link from Youtube. It tracks the times Engage is clicked.

Please reach out to our Support team if you have any questions about Youtube, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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