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Social networks have unique approaches to social and how they want you to interact – and Weibo is no different. There are a lot of considerations when sharing to Weibo from EveryoneSocial. In this article, we’ll explore how we recommend using EveryoneSocial with Weibo and techniques for gathering relevant data.

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Drive visibility directly on Weibo

Let’s focus on how to drive visibility on Weibo, as the platform has unique content-sharing dynamics that warrant publishing posts to Weibo first and then sharing the published posts' links to EveryoneSocial. One way to drive engagement is to share Weibo posts to EveryoneSocial and ask your team to engage with them. This increases traffic to the post, and gets more people interacting with the post, which is known to increase impressions and virality chances.

Weibo Engage button experience.gif

This article walks you through how to create an engageable post in EveryoneSocial. Be sure to use a publicly accessible link from Weibo. When sharing the link, encourage your team on how to engage with the post, offer examples, and make it frictionless. Each engagement increases the post’s visibility and gets the message in front of a wider audience.

Here are some examples of how your team can engage with posts.

  • Liking: This shows appreciation and support.
  • Comments: Have your team comment and you can respond, which shows you are willing to engage with your audience.
  • Reposts: Repost content with insight and followup to the original post.

Here's a commentary example for an engageable post asking people to engage with the social post and directing them on how to engage.

Engage thought starter examples.png

Share to Weibo

We do not recommend sharing to Weibo from EveryoneSocial. Instead, drive traffic directly to a Weibo post.


The following data is available for Weibo on the “Users: External Activity” report because the data is based on link posts that use a link from Weibo. It tracks the times Engage is clicked.

  • branded_engage_weibo_actions: A link post featuring a URL for an Weibo post had the Engage Call-To-Action, and the post is considered branded
  • non_branded_engage_weibo_actions: A link post featuring a URL for an Weibo post had the Engage Call-To-Action, and the post is not considered branded.

If you would like to find information about content shared to Weibo, we are limited to the above. Weibo does not allow tracking links, such as, to be used when sharing content.

Any content shared to Weibo will have the value network_shared_to listed as “Direct.”

Please reach out to our Support team if you have any questions about Weibo, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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