Delete a Group

Maintaining Groups is integral to a program's success. Too many Groups can saturate a person's timeline with irrelevant content. It's best to delete Groups when they are no longer aligned with the program's goals.

🔹 This is available on all plans.

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Owners.

Delete a Group

Admins can delete any Group, and Group Owners can delete a Group they created. This is done within the Group's edit screen. 

  1. Go to Groups.
  2. *Group Owners, select Groups I Own.
    *Admins, select All Groups.
  3. Click the Group to delete.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Delete Group.
  6. Click DELETE to confirm.

Groups-Delete Groups I Own Navigation Steps.gif

The Group and Group's content will be immediately deleted. Group members will no longer see the Group on the menu. All content within a deleted Group is considered a deleted post.

Delete Groups as an Admin

Admin can delete a single or multiple Groups within Admin Settings. 

Delete a single Group by hovering over the Group and clicking 🗑Delete

Groups-Delete Single Group in Admin Settings.gif

Delete multiple Groups by checking the box next to them, or select all by checking the box at the top of the screen, and click Delete

Groups-Delete All Admin Options.gif

Deleted Groups will be immediately removed along with any content hosted in the Group. Group members will no longer see deleted Groups available on the menu. All content within a deleted Group is considered a deleted post. Please view the deleted post article for more information. 



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