Proofpoint Configuration

Proofpoint utilizes machine learning to optimize reviewing content for compliance. This article covers how to configure Proofpoint to review shares made from EveryoneSocial for compliance risks.

🔹 This is available on the Enterprise and Unlimited User plan.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

How it works

Every time a share is made on EveryoneSocial, an email is sent to Proofpoint for content review using machine learning. Proofpoint is the primary tool for assisting with the setup and configuration process. However, it's important for EveryoneSocial to provide an email address for each Workspace that requires content review.

Once you have the email address available, please send it to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for inclusion in the company settings.

Once the email address has been added to the settings and the configuration is complete, shares will be automatically sent via email. The email will contain the following information.

  • Post ID: Unique ID assigned to the EveryoneSocial post.
  • Client ID: Identifier for the EveryoneSocial Workspace.
  • Full Name: EveryoneSocial user who shared the post.
  • Shared At: Date and time the post was shared.
  • Post Type: Network the post was shared to.
  • Profile Name: Social profile’s name the share was made to.
  • URL: Link shared to the social network.
  • Title: Meta title of the link shared.
  • Summary: Meta description of the link shared.
  • User Commentary: Share copy added to the post when shared.
  • Posted URL: Direct link to the share made from EveryoneSocial.
  • Primary Image: Image assigned to the post shared.

Here is an example email.

proofpoint email example.jpg

Review process

Proofpoint is robust platform and has a lot of options available for the review process. You can watch a webinar about the feature or get a top-level overview via this PDF.


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