Understanding Disclosures: How to Create and Use Them

Disclosures are an essential part of employee advocacy when promoting or recommending products, services, or brands. Disclosures are necessary to maintain transparency and integrity in communication and avoid potential conflicts of interest.

In this article, we will explore how disclosures are applied in EveryoneSocial and how to use them.

🔹 This is available on the Enterprise and Unlimited plans.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

What are disclosures

A disclosure is a statement that informs an audience of any financial or personal interest when a product or service is promoted. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States requires disclosures to promote transparency and prevent deceptive advertising. Disclosures can take many forms, including written text or even hashtags.

Disclosures are essential when sharing content that endorses or advertises products or services. Admins can add a disclosure for a post shared to X, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Disclosures must be enabled post-by-post; when enabled, disclosures are required text added to the end of the share copy.

Disclosure purposes

Disclosures have a few purposes and use cases.

  • They disclose any financial or other relationships between an endorser and a promoted product or service, helping to ensure that the audience is aware of any potential biases.
  • Disclosures are useful for adding industry-related hashtags to increase share visibility.
  • Disclosures can be used to add tracking links for all shares, which can help when driving campaigns or pointing someone to a privacy policy.

    Example: “Important disclosures: https://bit.ly/######”

  • Disclosures can be added to state the opinions are those of the author only. 

    Example: "This content represents the author's opinions and does not represent [company]. The author is solely responsible for this content."

Disclosure requirements

Before creating a disclosure, consider the following.

  • One disclosure can be enabled per network share.
  • Maximum characters: 1024.
  • Character counts: Disclosure + 2 characters.

How it works

The disclosure is created in Workspace settings and enabled in post settings when Moderators or Admins create or edit a post. The disclosure is applied to the post when someone shares it to X, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram.

Disclosures will be added to the end of the share copy (appended) by anyone who shares the post to a network with an enabled disclosure. All disclosures are mentioned below the share copy, so users will know it is included with their share copy.


“Note: will be appended to the end of your message when you share”

Configure disclosures

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

Disclosures are added to an entire Workspace and must be toggled on to be included in the share process.

  1. Go to Admin > Account.
  2. Select Disclosures.
  3. Add a disclosure.
  4. Click Add.

Configuring Disclosures.gif

Disclosures are active by default and available to use immediately upon activation.

Toggle off a disclosure to remove it as an option when creating or editing posts.

Enable disclosures

🔸 This is accessible to Admin and Group Moderators.

Enable active disclosures while creating and editing posts in EveryoneSocial.

  1. Create or edit an internal post.
  2. Toggle on Disclosures.
  3. Select the required disclosure for each network.
  4. Click Post or Save.

Disclosures Application.gif

🔹Note: Disclosures are included in character limits. Disclosures' character counts include two spacing characters to allow for readability.


Does my company need to add disclosures to our content?

This a great question and we recommend consulting with your legal team regarding the necessity of disclosures. EveryoneSocial is not responsible for knowing the content requirements for a specific company or industry. Click here to learn more about EveryoneSocial’s policies.

Can I include more than one disclosure with a share?

One disclosure can be applied per social network: X, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. If more information is necessary, admins must add the information in a single disclosure.

Will disclosures still be used when shares are made by anonymous users, such as on a Public Post Page?

Yes! All shares from EveryoneSocial will include a disclosure if one has been applied to the network the share will be published to.

Can I see data around which shares have disclosures applied?

Absolutely! The Posts report has a value for disclosures that can be filtered to review shares that contain disclosures.
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