View and share your browser Javascript console logs

Sometimes things go differently than planned and we'll want to start troubleshooting what went awry. When that happens, we may need more than the error notifications that appear on-screen to solve the issue. Browser logs can help by providing a detailed look at what's happening behind the scenes. 

The purpose behind console logs

When dialing a telephone number, you might receive a fast-busy signal, ring tone, or another unique tone to indicate the status of the number and phone line you're attempting to call.

Console logs work much the same way as telephone tones; they don't contain your conversation or personal data, but they do tell us the status of the communication link between your browser and the EveryoneSocial platform. 

Why console logs can help

Many folks rightly wonder why we need console logs: "Can't you see what's happening behind the scenes in EveryoneSocial without my help?"

It's a fair question, and yes, we can see behind the scenes—but the sheer volume of incoming data can make it hard to isolate a specific action or moment in time. Just like a skilled doctor asking intake questions of the patient before examination and running tests, we also benefit tremendously from the additional context in isolating what's happening. We can typically find the answer without the console logs, but just like our doctor friend, the extra information helps speed things along! 

How to capture Javascript console logs

The console logs are captured in real-time. Therefore, it's essential to open the browser inspector console before trying to reproduce the error or problem so it can log the activity as it happens.

  1. Navigate to the page or step prior to the error or problem.
  2. Open the browser's Javascript Console.
    • Windows/Linux: Press Control + Shift + J (Firefox? Use K instead of J).
    • Mac: Press Command + Option + (Firefox? Use K instead of J).
  3. Repeat the steps that produced the error or problem. 
  4. Take a screenshot or record a video of the error that shows your screen and the Javascript Console. 
  5. Share it with EveryoneSocial's Support team here. Already talking with us? Just reply to your existing email thread.  
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