Content Sharing Best Practices


Social networks are all about content—video content, written content, and images. Today, our society consumes content at record levels.

So, how do you utilize your networks and the content you share to work for your benefit? The answer depends on the social network and your audience.

Social Networks

There are countless networks to join, and we’ll only cover a few below. You can share EveryoneSocial content on most networks. Join the networks that best align with your goals and audience and post regularly.

🔷 LinkedIn and X

These two networks are the most professional public-facing networks. LinkedIn and X, formerly Twitter, are best used to build your personal and professional brand to be seen as an expert. They host all media types, though you’ll typically see written and photographic content.

Main audience: recruiters, marketers, and industry professionals.

🔷 Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok

Influencer platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are ideal if your interests and passions encompass building a lifestyle and educating your audience. You’ll mostly find visual content on these platforms—video and images.

Main audience: influencers and marketers.

🔷 Slack and Microsoft Teams

Slack and Microsoft Teams are for your internal, company audience. We recommend using Slack and Teams to share content you’d like your coworkers and team to engage with and be aware of. Post content to these platforms that include professional and industry news to help your company and coworkers grow.

Main audience: industry professionals.

Best practices

  • Share content with gross interests, not specific.
  • Cast a wide net with your audience.
  • Focus on your bio and intro
  • Share 3-5 times per week, per network
  • Be conversational
    • Respond to comments
    • Utilize emojis
    • Ask questions on your posts
  • Use content pillars
    • 20% company/industry news
    • 10% passion posts
    • 70% personal or third-party content
  • Include hashtags and mentions in your posts.

Content ideas

Check out our list of post topics to start building your content queue today.

  • Social media calendar

  • Reintroduce yourself

  • Post a growth hack

  • Share an interesting stat

  • Share how you got into your field

  • Provide tips for success in your role

  • Share something that inspires you

  • What advice would you give yourself 5 years ago

  • Answer a frequently asked question

  • Share something from a book you’ve read

  • Appreciate something

  • Talk about a habit

  • Personal development content

  • Brand partnerships

  • Cybersecurity content

  • Highlight a tool you use and tag the company

  • Create a top 5 list

  • Post who your audience should follow and tag them

  • Company wins and awards

  • Open job positions

  • Work culture and perks

  • Employee experience and onboarding

  • Employee spotlights

  • Employee testimonials

  • Company events and initiatives

  • Career growth and support

EveryoneSocial's content tools

🔷 Schedule future content

Use the Scheduler to add content for multiple days in one sitting and queue multiple posts for multiple networks.

🔷 Join Groups and contribute content

Your administrative team will create Groups for you to join that host content based on particular topics. Here are a few examples of Groups you can join and the types of content you can engage and share. Remember to contribute internal posts to the team so you can be seen as a thought leader.

Content doesn't have to take a lot of time. Keep it general for your audience but specific to you. Keep sharing and check out our tools and resources so you can gather insights into how your content is performing.

Please reach out to Support at any time if you have any questions.

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