Create Branded Content

Branded content is a powerful concept that allows brands to visualize how their content connects with their audience while promoting their products or services. In this article, we will guide you through how to create branded content so you can track how content is performing when it relates to your company and brand.

What is branded content

Branded content refers to content that promotes your company, products, or services. The content is usually designed to be informative or entertaining in order to create a positive association with your brand, which builds trust and credibility.

How to use branded content

While employee advocacy is about sharing your brand’s content with others, it’s also essential that you’re not having your team spam their networks with content solely about your team.

It’s essential to understand the proportion of content that relates to your company and industry versus that which does not. We call this branded versus non-branded content and recommend your team members' network pages have 30% branded content and 70% non-branded content.

That’s why we created the option to mark your content as branded. You can easily view metrics that show you what percentage of branded content is being shared by your organization and by individuals within it.

How to create branded content

There are two ways branded content can be created, during post creation and using content domains.

During post creation

Posts can be marked as branded on a post-by-post basis by Contributors, Moderators, and Admins.

Simply check the box to mark the content as Branded when you’re composing or editing a post.

Using content domains

Links can be marked as branded if a link post is created using a specific domain. 

🔹 This is available on the Enterprise and Unlimited User plan.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

Add a domain to the Content Domain list by doing the following.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings.
  2. Click Edit Settings.
  3. Scroll to Content Domains.
  4. Add a domain and click the plus icon.

    Repeat step 4 until all domains are added.

  5. Click Save.

Once the domain is added and a link post is published with the branded content's domain, the Branded check is grayed out so it can not be unchecked.

That’s it! You’re well on your way to increasing your brand’s reach by working with individuals in your organization to share branded content.

Want to learn more? Check out our Social at Scale podcast where we dive into best practices and innovative ways to activate employees.

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