Video Specifications for Sharing Videos on Social Networks

The best way to share videos is to use videos that are sized for each network's specific requirements. However, networks often differ in their video specifications, and sharing the same video to multiple networks can create some discrepancies between how the video is presented.

This article provides each network's basic requirements for video sizes and file types.

If you are posting something and it's getting denied or the media isn't rendering the way you expect, please check this list to ensure the platform supports it. 

Looking for image specifications? You can find those here.

EveryoneSocial's video specifications

EveryoneSocial accepts most videos and publishes them to your Workspace if the following formats are used.

  • Formats: MP4, MOV, WebM, and Ogg
    • MOV files must have the following Codecs: H.264, AAC

Please check out our article about How Video Posts Work to learn more.

🔹 Videos may not be shareable across different networks due to API limitations set by each network. Check out network-specific specifications below to learn more.

LinkedIn's video specifications

You can share a video from EveryoneSocial to LinkedIn that will play directly (natively) on LinkedIn if it meets LinkedIn's requirements.

  • Video File Size: 75 KB (min) - 200 MB (max)
  • Video Duration: 3 seconds - 30 minutes
  • Video Sound Rate: Less than 64 KHz
  • Minimum width: 360 pixels
  • Maximum width: 1920 pixels
  • Minimum height: 360 pixels
  • Maximum height: 1920 pixels
  • Minimum aspect ratio: 9:16 (0.563)
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.778)

Click here to learn more about LinkedIn's video requirements.

🔸 Larger video files share on LinkedIn, but the video converts to a clickable image that redirects to the video post's Public Post Page.

Twitter's video specifications

Twitter's API does not allow videos to be published to the platform from a third-party and will convert videos shared from EveryoneSocial to an image with a link to a Public Post Page to watch the video.

See Twitter's media best practices.

Other network-specific specifications

Please click each network link to view the documentation for video specifications. 

🔷 Don't see the network you need? Please use EveryoneSocial's general guidelines to select images for your post. 

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