How Public Post Pages Work

Public Post Pages (PPP) are pages where anyone can view and share a post published to EveryoneSocial within your company's account. These pages can be shared with anyone, and they will not be forced to log in to EveryoneSocial before sharing content. Anyone who shares content will automatically have all share settings applied during the share process, including Disclosures and required share copy

Let's look at how Public Post Pages work and how to track success. 

🔹 This is available on the Teams, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans.

🔸 This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

How it works

All shareable posts have a URL that can be shared, which directs someone to a Public Post Page if they are not logged in to EveryoneSocial. When someone comes to the Public Post Page, they will see the associated share copy, links, images, and Disclosures from the original post. Readers will also see the number of reactions, but they can not see who has reacted.

Sharing and engaging with a Public Post Page

Registered users can log in to share and fully interact with the post.

Content can be shared without logging in by clicking a network's Share button. When this happens, EveryoneSocial utilizes OAuth to connect the sharer's social network and share the post. OAuth is a secure authorization method that connects without sharing or saving passwords, keeping your readers' information private but allowing them to share content without signing in to EveryoneSocial. 

Public Post Page analytics

Total shares, clicks, engagements, and impressions will appear under the totals found in Admin > Analytics.

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Select Analytics Shares.
  3. Click Download Report.

Use anonymous shares  to determine how many shares non-registered users are making from Public Post Pages, and see how many engagements are happening on those shares. 

Engagements and clicks will be a combined total for Public Post Page and Workspace engagements. They are unable to be separated at this time.

Public Post Pages and the Fair Billing Policy

Any person who shares a post from a Public Post Page will be counted as an active user for billing purposes.

Public Post Pages and accessibility

Public Post Pages have an accessibility widget that is located on the bottom right of the page. 

Click the widget to change the following options.

  • Update contrast: Change the page elements so they are distinct from each other.
  • Highlight links: Show everything that can be clicked to go to a different page.
  • Enlarge text: Choose from three different sizes of larger text.
  • Change text spacing: Choose from three different options of spacing between characters.
  • Pause animations: Stop animated media, such as GIFs, from playing.
  • Hide images: Display alternative text instead of images.
  • Dyslexia friendly: Change the font so characters are different and easier to read.
  • Change the cursor: Add an overlay that provides a focal point for the reader.
  • Show tooltips: Highlight any tooltips present on the page. 
  • Change line height: Choose from three different options of spacing between line breaks.
  • Align text: Choose to align text to the left, center, or right, or justify it.
  • Saturation level: Change from three saturation levels, from highly saturated to grayscale
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