Boost Engagement with Diversified Content

Content should add value to your audience and potential readers. While the amount of content is good for building brands, it's quality content and more visibility on quality content that builds great brands and keeps people coming back. Employees do not want to share content that sounds like a redundant sales pitch. This comes off as spammy, to both your team and their network. 

Let's revisit some of our Content Best Practices

Content Pillars

Switch up your content by selecting three topics, aka content pillars, which will help you focus on providing a well-rounded look into who you are and what your passions are. 

  • Personal or third-party content: Content about what you have going on in your personal life or that you want to highlight within your network. 
  • Company or industry news: Updates about your profession and industry.
  • Passion posts: Announce what's exciting you and what you're pursuing.

Here are some content topics to use.

  • Recruiting content: Job postings within your company and network.
  • Professional development: Articles about workplace happiness, benefits, and trainings.
  • Cybersecurity content: Posts centered on ransomware, DDoS attacks, defense strategies, and product updates.
  • Brand partnerships: Articles and press releases about strategic partnerships.
  • Industry news: Articles and relevant news around your company's industry
  • Humanity topics: Posts about law, language, philosophy, religion, gender, diversity and inclusion, etc.

Don't forget to mix up the content with different post types. Learn more about those in How to Choose a Post Type.

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