How Does a Link Post Work

A Link Post is used to drive traffic towards specific online content; these links can effectively lead individuals to articles, signup pages, social posts, or open job positions. We recommend sharing links that provide insightful information to a target audience or are likely to generate greater traffic and engagement.

This article provides an overview of how Link Posts function in EveryoneSocial.

How it works

When a link post is created, we conduct a search to identify the main image, title, and description, which are then incorporated as a link preview. It is important for these elements to be properly set on the backend of the URL, so we can take care of the rest. 

This saves time building out the Link Post’s content and makes the reader’s experience more pleasant because the expectation is set with context about the URL. Visually, readers are peeking into a window and are seeing what’s on the other side. Learn more about How Images and Text Are Chosen for Link Posts.


On top of scraping, we’ll automatically add tracking to the link so you can review data in Analytics. Link post tracking capabilities can be expanded using the URL Tracking Tool and marking specific URLs as branded content.

Shortened URLs

Shortened URLs, like, are often used for tracking purposes and they can be used for link posts. However, we recommend using EveryoneSocial's Tracking Tool to add parameters for data values that should be tracked instead of using a shortened URL. Why? Shortened URLs create confusion on the backend for tracking purposes, and they are not recognized by EveryoneSocial as a domain with branded content

If a domain is considered branded content but a shortened URL must be used, make sure to mark the content as branded during post creation. 

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Engageable Posts

A Link Post becomes an engageable post when the link goes to a social network post. EveryoneSocial recognizes the social network and adds the option to engage directly with the original post. For example, if content is performing well on TikTok and should be shared with the team, copy the link to the TikTok content and create a post on EveryoneSocial to encourage then to click Engage, go to TikTok, and interact with the original post, thus increasing the content’s visibility on the platform.

🔹Learn more about engageable posts in this article.

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