How Does a Text Post Work

A text post is a piece of content that consists almost entirely of text without imagery, and it may include emojis.

Text posts work well for the following content pieces.

  • Asking questions.
  • Sharing thoughts on an issue.
  • Creating lists or bullet points.
  • Sharing stories.
  • Crafting analogies.

Though they may not perform as well as posts that contain imagery, they are still important and help break up shared content you post.

Here are some examples of text posts.

Text formatting

Formatting helps break up the text to make it reader-friendly. This is done through the use of emojis, bolded text, capitalization, line breaks, and more. It also emphasizes important points and organizes information.

Here is a side-by-side comparison example of how a text post can change with different formats. 

In the first example, the use of emojis, bold text, bullet points, and hashtags create a more engaging and visually appealing text post. It grabs attention, and provides important details clearly, which encourages readers to take action. The second example lacks these elements, making it less likely to catch the eye of readers, who might miss key elements when scrolling social media.

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