Content Email Best Practices

Get the most from Content Emails with these best practices.

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Create a message for many-to-one

Think about what you are asking the audience to do and build the Content Email around that action. What kind of action are you looking for recipients to take? Is the action to log in and share posts, to engage with a post, or something else? Actions are inspired by the email's content and posts from EveryoneSocial.  

Use these bullet points to craft emails and amplify your advocacy program.

  • Why should your audience open and read?
    • Share exciting, new, or interesting news that gives your audience industry value. 🤩
    • Make it timely and memorable with names, occasions, and/or stories from teammates.
  • Do you want the audience to engage on a social network's post?
    • Ask your audience to ‘show some love’ 💗 to the posts they like and want to see more of...
    • Invite them to ... “Drop a comment below👇🏼”
    • Highlight some of the frequently asked questions within your departments. 👩🏻‍🏫 💫
  • Do you want to encourage more participation? If yes, you should share and ask questions.
    • What were your biggest takeaways? 🤯
    • Who do they know that might benefit from reading it? 🤔

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Schedule the message appropriately

When the email sends is just as important as the email content. CampaignMonitor collected data from millions of emails used on their service. They put together the best day as it pertains to data collection.

Here are a couple of best practices for scheduling emails.

  • Utilize Delivery Auto Pilot after a few Content Emails have been sent to ensure accurate read times.
  • Featured articles are best for non-recurring Content Emails.
  • Only send recurring emails on a daily basis if your program is adding a lot of content every day. 
  • Use weekly recurring Content Emails to keep your team engaged and sharing habitually. 

Use a captivating subject line

A great subject line will entice your audience to open, read, engage, and share your content.

  • Keep your subject line to 41 characters, maximum allowed is 70 characters.
  • Ensure recurring Content Email subject lines stay fresh by occasionally updating them.
  • Use emojis, hashtags, or ask a question.

In the examples below, notice the use of emojis and how they draw the eye, implying a sense of friendliness. Emojis can increase your open rate but be careful to overuse them. If overdone, emojis can make emails appear spammy.

  • 🎉 Your weekly social media content is here! 💻
  • Thank you for being an advocate for our brand! 🙏🤩
  • [Company] -- 60 Seconds of Social 🚀
  • Social Shares: Why Should Businesses Choose [Company]?
  • Week of May 24th 🗣 Social Shares: Let's Talk Cybersecurity 🔐
  • Remember when you signed up for EveryoneSocial? We miss you ❤️
  • [Event or Conference name] … that’s a wrap! 🎬

Be intentional about content

The following points will help Content Emails be seen as legitimate and intentional.

  • Add images in the intro message or use a banner image. Content-heavy emails tend to have a higher spam score.
  • Include3-5 posts (content types) per email and use a mix of content types.
  • Only use featured content types for recurring emails if the post is evergreen. 

Banner images

Banner images can be used for more than just branding. Add a banner image URL to inspire recipients to take action and visit a URL. Banner image use-cases include the following.

  • Direct traffic to the company website.
  • Take a survey.
  • Invite peers to join EveryoneSocial.

Footer messages

The footer message appears at the end of the Content Email. Clients use this to say goodbye, add legal disclaimers, and ask questions. Here are some example footer messages.

      • Until next time, happy sharing! 👋
      • Before you share, make sure you've read and agree to our social policies. 
      • What were your biggest takeaways? Share with the team. 🤯
      • Not seeing something you want to share? 🧐 Tell us what would you like to see more of?

Content Email examples

This article provides Content Email campaign and email examples to improve an employee advocacy program's adoption.

Campaign Examples

The following Content Email examples are best for recurring Content Emails (campaigns) based on user roles and user states.


Use these email examples to connect with Workspace Admins.

  • Showcase company updates and integrations. 
  • Highlight data and analytics. 
  • Share user experiences and questions.


Use these email examples to connect with Group Moderators.

  • Show trending topics in Groups.
  • Give user shoutouts.
  • Provide analytics around top users, posts, and shares.

Company Employee Newsletters

The following examples are for registered and non-registered users.

  • Showcase trending stories and content.
  • Provide personal branding statement examples.
  • Give social network profile tips.
  • Highlighting subject matter experts.
  • Share continuing education or Summer volunteer opportunities.
  • Detail new apps, software tricks, and tech tips.
  • Market upcoming webinars and events.
  • Call attention to company news and industry highlights.

Use Content Emails to engage inactive users, boost active user base, re-engage past users, and increase engagement.

Non-registered Users

The following examples are for non-registered users.

  • Re-engage partners by sharing trending stories and content.
  • Provide clients with updated product features and tips to succeed with the product.
  • Connect with alumni networks and share new trends and innovations.

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Sample Emails

The Magic Formula
This email lists actions to take to become a thought leader.

Hi all!

Posting content on your own social media is just one click away! 


The magic formula?

🎸 3-5 shares on LinkedIn per week

🍭 1 share per day on X

👀 20% business content and 80% personal content

💥 Engage with co-workers and your social network with consistent likes and comments

Highlighting Accomplishments

This email accompanies a performance-based announcement, such as beginning a competition, launching a new Leaderboard, or announcing a winner.

Hi Social Advocates,

Happy 2023! 🎉 We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the new fiscal year than share some of the amazing accomplishments in 2022.

Our EveryoneSocial user base grew by 130% in the last twelve months! 👏

Collectively, you shared content 31,000+ times generating over 86,000 engagements and 445,000 clicks!

We had many star performers this year, but to highlight some of our leaders who consistently shined throughout the year we want to celebrate the following:

  • Most Shares - Drew Graphic
  • Most Engagement - Cassia Browser
  • Most Clicks - Anna Lyzer

We are excited about the great year ahead of us and look forward to getting social with you! 

Check out some of our recommended shares:

Increase User Engagement

This example focuses on increasing engagement with the Sales team.

Salespeople who leverage social for prospecting generate an average of 2x the pipeline as compared to those that don’t.

And when a lead is generated through social selling, that lead is 7X more likely to close compared to other tactics 💰

Now when utilizing social selling, it doesn't mean spamming audiences with the same boring company product or service content every chance you get.

Here are a few thoughts to keep your social postings engaging and interesting:

  • Providing insights and value of the industry you are in
  • Sharing relevant third-party and company content
  • Creating and utilizing user-generated content
  • Providing thoughtful and engaging comments
  • Being consistent each week to build your trust and audience
  • Start building relationships and community around your content
  • Use video, text, images, and links. A healthy mix of content types.

Build your personal brand, increase your pipeline, drive better win rates, and start closing larger deals.

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