Khoros Integration FAQ

Integrating Khoros with EveryoneSocial can help increase your program's effectiveness and participation rate. Khoros manages the article on how to setup and use the Khoros integration.

In this article, we'll look at frequently asked questions about how the Khoros integration works with EveryoneSocial.

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Can I mention a person or company in shares and posts? 

Mentioning and tagging in Khoros isn't supported. You'll want to log in to EveryoneSocial to mention and tag others in your content. 

Why isn't my video thumbnail carrying over to EveryoneSocial?

Great question! Khoros has built an option to have a custom thumbnail applied to videos. This feature is specific to Khoros and isn't something that transfers with videos to EveryoneSocial. If you use a custom thumbnail, you should expect to see EveryoneSocial choose a thumbnail using a frame from the middle of the video. 

Why can't my users add share copy to my posts shared from Khoros? 

Great question! Khoros has a toggle to  Support Share Copy. If that is disabled, you will be unable to add share copy in any capacity. Khoros is currently making changes to the integration to separate allowing users to add and edit share copy. This article will be updated once changes are made. 

Why aren't my branded URLs and UTM parameters being added to link posts? 

Khoros has a built-in option to shorten URLs. If this is activated for a link post, the URL is shortened before it is sent to EveryoneSocial, thus making it unrecognizable as a branded post. Disable the URL shortener to have link posts recognized as branded. 

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