Content Emails Troubleshooting

If you have ever wondered Content Emails have missing content, why mails are flagged as spam, or why recipients do not receive messages, you are not alone. In this article, our goal is to provide clarity on these email challenges, explaining the reasons behind each issue and offering effective solutions to ensure emails reach their intended audience.

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Is email content missing?

Content Emails will only deliver content the email recipient has not interacted with—clicked, liked, submitted, approved, or shared. This can include scrolling through the Timeline and viewing content that is used in the Content Email. If you see an email missing content, then it's likely because the recipient has engaged with the posts selected as the email source and no new content is available. 

If content should be included with the email, regardless of engagement status, be sure to use the Feature post option to send a specific post in the email. This will ensure the post is sent, even if someone has viewed or engaged with the post. 

Email content is marked as spam

Emails can be marked as spam because email providers are built with filters to scan and flag content as spam or bulk mail automatically.

If this is happening to you, follow the steps in this article and send a screenshot of the Content Email to your IT team. They can usually mark Content Emails as trusted globally, so it won't flag them as spam.

Why aren't emails received?

Content Emails are only sent to recipients if all criteria is met.

  • The recipient has unviewed content in the Content Email.
  • The email has a source that was published within the expected timeframe. EveryoneSocial looks for posts based on the Content Email's selected schedule.
    • Recurring Content Emails can have content added that was published after the last Content Email was sent. For example, Content Emails sent daily would have posts included if the posts were published within the last 24 hours.
    • If the Content Email is non-recurring, then EveryoneSocial looks for posts published within the last seven days.

If all of the criteria has been met and the email isn't sending, please contact Support so we can help determine what the root cause is.

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