Impression Analytics

Social networks use impressions to measure how many people are viewing shared content. Impressions provide a glimpse into how much exposure your program is getting. Generally, posts go viral when they receive a lot of impressions and engagements on social networks.

In this article, we'll review how impressions are calculated and where you can see the data.

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Understanding impressions

Impressions are the view count for a post on LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter), not just if it was shared or engaged with. Impressions estimate views based on data we collected and analyzed for over a year. With this data, you can better understand how well your content is getting in front of your team’s network and the visibility it’s receiving.

We calculate impressions with the following equation

Impressions = (60 x number of engagements) + 25

  • For every engagement, the user gets 60 impressions.
  • If there are 0 engagements, the user receives 25 impressions.

You may see different numbers on the direct platform. This is because we can't directly capture data from social networks regarding impressions. As soon as networks provide the capability, we will update our calculations and provide that information to you.

🔷 Impressions are different from reach. We calculate reach as the total number of people who could possibly see a post. This number is calculated by the total number of connections for social accounts that are authenticated to a user's profile.

User impression analytics

Impression data can be found in the user's Activity tab, which hosts data specific to a user’s overall activity. Click here to learn more about what's tracked under Activity.

Impression data is visible on the Activity dashboard.

Impression data is also available under Activity Past Shares.

Admin impression analytics

Admins have access to Workspace analytics to see the total count of impressions. Impression data is found under two reports: Program ROI and Shares.

ROI Dashboard

The ROI Dashboard provides a snapshot of the program. You'll see a Return On Investment (ROI) calculation from impressions and how your program's impressions have been performing.

Access impression data by taking the following steps.

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Select Analytics > Overview.

Two options are presented.

  • Program ROI: Details the ROI for posts shared from the Workspace.
  • External Impressions: Total view count from all users' shares to social networks.

🔹 Change value represents the change in value for the period selected.

Average cost per impression

The ROI Dashboard displays the ROI for a program’s impressions. Here's how you can change the default cost per impression.

  1. Go to Admin > Analytics > Overview.
  2. Click Edit Values.
  3. Adjust the values.
  4. Click Done.

Share impression data

Shares breaks down impressions by posts shared from EveryoneSocial. 

View share impression data by taking the following steps. 

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Select Analytics > Shares.

Scroll to Shares to see how specific posts are performing.

We will continually monitor and review impression estimations to ensure you have the most accurate data possible to calculate your program’s value. If you’d like to learn more about other available data, please check out this article about Analytics and the ROI Dashboard

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