Create a Segment

Segments allow Admins to create audiences based on set criteria. The goal of segmentation is to divide a large audience into smaller, more manageable groups, with each audience having its own unique needs, preferences, and behaviors. By doing so, companies can tailor their communication and marketing efforts to each Segment, making content more relevant, personal, and effective. In EveryoneSocial, Segments are used for LeaderboardsContent Emails, and Messages.

This article will show you the process to create a Segment in a Workspace so you can personalize communication at scale.

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🔹 This is available on the Teams, Enterprise, and Unlimited plans.

🔸 This feature is accessible to Admin.

Create a Segment

Admins can create a Segment in Admin settings. This is a two-step process where the Segment is first created, and then the Segment's audience criteria is set.

  1. Go to Admin.
  2. Select Settings > Segments.
  3. Enter a Segment title in "Add User Segment."
  4. Click Add.

Set audience criteria

Now that the Segment is created, set the audience criteria.

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Add the audience's criteria.
  3. Click Done to save the Segment.
  4. Toggle the Segment active.

Criteria can be set based on:

Segments use logical OR operators, meaning one of the Departments, Locations, or Groups must match in order for a person to be included in a Segment. For example, a user in DEPT A  OR in DEPT B  can be included even if no Locations match. 

In the following image, anyone who is in Client Success OR in Atlanta, GA will be part of the Client Success segment. You could then send targeted communications and lookup data reports for specific segments.

Upload email addresses via a CSV file

Use a CSV file to build a Segment's audience. CSVs are a single column and must be formatted as follows: 

  • Title: Must not include special characters. A CSV will not be accepted if it has any hyphens, underscores, et cetera.
  • Row 1: Must be titled "email".
  • Following rows: 1 email address, with no further information.
Check out our article on  CSV troubleshooting if the file being uploaded is not accepted.

Segment snapshot

Once the Segment is saved, a snapshot will be visible and will display the following. 

  1. Segment title.
  2. Total people in the Segment.
  3. Total registered users in the Segment.
  4. Total people that are unregistered and whose emails are in an uploaded CSV.
  5. Set user criteria.
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