Add a Custom Image to a Link Post

When you share links online, the accompanying image is vital for capturing attention and conveying content essence. Sometimes, automated processes get it wrong. To ensure a perfect match between the link you share, your message, and the image, use a custom image for link posts. This enhances engagement and reinforces your brand.

In this article, we'll guide you on adding custom images to your link posts for a more professional online presence. Let's get started!

Create a link post

Compose an internal post, and select a link post type. Add the link and the link's meta title, meta description, and featured image will display. You can always use X’s Card Validator and LinkedIn’s Post Inspector to see a preview card will provide you with a preview card to determine if a custom image is in order.

Upload the image

Once the link is added, you can customize the content by uploading custom images. You can upload up to 5 images for internal posts to have multiple share versions, so users can differentiate shared content.

Click Upload to add each photo, and repeat until all photos have been uploaded. 

The custom image will replace the URL's shared image, but the image is overwritten if a second URL is shared in the Internal Commentary or share copy. 

🔷 X note: When sharing a link with a custom image to X (formerly Twitter), X's API changes the link post to an image post, and the link is added to the end of the share copy as a link.

🔸 Facebook note: Due to Facebook's API limitations, adding custom images will not work. When sharing to Facebook only the link will be passed along.

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