Salesforce Configuration

It’s no secret teams are being asked to do more with less, and introducing a new tool can be overwhelming and lead to less adoption of the tool. That's why we built EveryoneSocial in a way that teams can embed it in Salesforce, so they can focus on work without having to access a new tool.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can configure Salesforce's web tabs to utilize EveryoneSocial as an integrated tab. Web tabs can be added to your team’s Salesforce application menu, allowing them to navigate to your company’s EveryoneSocial Workspace, so they can share and create content within Salesforce. This creates more efficiency, unifies processes, and improves your team’s experience sharing content.

Let’s get started!

🔹 This is available on all plans.

Copy Workspace URL

Salesforce’s web tabs are accessible on both Classic and Lightning Experience. We use Classic for the steps below. Lightning Experience has similar steps, although accessing tabs is different. Use Setup’s Quick Find box to search for Tabs in Lightning Experience.

🔹Only Salesforce Admins can add web tabs.

  1. Select Setup from the profile menu.
  2. Go to Create > Tabs.
  3. Go to Web Tabs.
  4. Click New.
  5. Customize the layout.

    Full page width is recommended for an optimal user experience.

  6. Select URL as the tab content.

    Customize the display properties to label the tab.

    Customize the iFrame height.

  7. Paste the Workspace URL as the Button or Link URL.
  8. Check the profile boxes for users to see the tab.
  9. Check the boxes for apps the tab should be available on.
  10. Click Save.

🔸Note: Salesforce may change the steps to integrate with EveryoneSocial. Be sure to review their documentation if steps don’t match what you see.


Why is my content displaying a blank page?

Oh no! We’ve found some information that may help determine what’s happening. Check out Salesforce’s article Iframe or Web Tab content displays a blank pageIf that article doesn’t solve the issue, please contact Salesforce to assist you with configuring the web tab.

Do you pass data through Salesforce?

We do not. An integration that uses an Application Programming Interface (API) is required to pass data back and forth. Web tabs allow you to embed EveryoneSocial into Salesforce, without passing data from one application to the other.

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