Increase Visibility and Engagement on Shared Content

There are a few ways to increase visibility and engagement on shared content to ensure content gets in front of the right people. In this article, we'll cover best practices to build your content's effectiveness, boost visibility, and increase engagement on shared content.


A hashtag (#) is a symbol that connects social media posts to other posts on the same subject or trending topic. Posts that contain a hashtag receive a 22% higher click rate and a 63% higher engagement rate than those that don’t.

So how do you use them?

The most popular hashtags are not always the best hashtags to use. Try using the topic of the article being shared and tying it together with search terms for the network the content is being shared to. For example, LinkedIn's platform may increase visibility for #socialselling or #personalbranding content and the hashtags are topics that aren't too broad and aren't too specific. 

There are also tool for hashtag analysis that allow you to view a hashtag's reach prior to using it. 

Our team recommends Fedica, but there are many more on the market. LinkedIn also provides the count for a hashtag's followers. 

Share consistently

Sharing consistently shows you are current on information and actively involved in your networks. Here are guidelines for the number of posts to share on a weekly basis. 

  • Post content 5-10 times per week.
    • Minimum of 5 posts about your topic or field of expertise
    • Minimum of 1 post about a passion topic
    • Minimum of 1-2 company-branded posts. 
    • Spread these shares out over the week 

🔹 Remember, sharing is important but don’t spam your audience. Use the scheduler and optimize sharing regularly by queuing content in one sitting.


Mention people and companies on content to include them in the content discussion, share kudos, and increase visibility. Mentioning other profiles allows that profile's network to also see the content you share, thereby increasing the reach of your content. Learn more about mentions in this article.

Engage with your network

Engagements go both ways. You'll get the most engagement if you are also thoughtfully engaging with others. Be sure you follow the people who are in the same or in a peripheral field, and comment on their content with a thoughtful opinion showing you have read or watched the content they shared. 

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