7 Ways to Build a Personal Brand

Learn to build a trusted personal brand, expand your network, increase opportunities and improve your company's presence by engaging with social community networks.

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Follow these guidelines to build your brand. 

  1. Comment, like, and engage with content.

    Networking is about connecting with people through your content and conversations. It's not just about what you post but how you respond to the posts you see from others. Be sure you comment, like, and engage with content that resonates with your brand. 

  2. Help others connect with people in your network.

    See content that would benefit someone else, such as an open job position, be sure to share this if you know someone that would benefit from it. And remember, not everything needs to be public, so feel free to connect and share with people via direct messaging.

  3. Reach out and connect with others in your industry/niche.

    Find others in your industry or niche to follow by looking at contacts from industry professionals or search for authors who published posts with industry hashtags. Follow them, look for ways to connect, and share their content so you can build a relationship with them.

  4. Follow thought leaders and other mentors you admire.

    Connections can go outside of your industry and niche. Follow people who are thought leaders and are posting content that resonates with who you want to be and what you want to do. Be sure to look for ways to build connections with them. 

  5. Ask for feedback and insights from your audiences.

    Ask questions on posts or use polls to get more engagements from your audience. This can help you learn what questions people have, what they are interested in, thoughts about the future, and so much more! Get to know your audience by involving them and garnering their valuable input.

  6. Highlight other people, their thoughts, content, etc.

    Much like following people and engaging on their content, you want to showcase what others are saying. Nobody learned on their own and people love to know who the ones are that you follow or learn from. Be sure to use tags and mentions to highlight people in content and give kudos for the work they are doing.

  7. Be responsive to people when they comment on a share or message you.

    Don't leave someone on read. At a minimum, like their comment. If they have taken time to respond to your post, it's honorable to give them a thanks by responding or liking their content so they are encouraged to continue to interact and engage with you. 

Doing these things naturally generates more curiosity and interest in you and what you are doing.

This can lead to expanding your network, building a greater presence for you and your brand, more lending to an increase in career and professional opportunities, and having a trusted personal brand.

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