LinkedIn Share Components

LinkedIn has its own set of guidelines and constraints when sharing content from EveryoneSocial. This article covers LinkedIn’s specifications to understand more of the intricacies of sharing to LinkedIn.

Share copy character limits

LinkedIn has a character limit for share copy. EveryoneSocial provides a character count to ensure shares stay within the limit. Be sure to check out our article covering character limits so you can optimize the share copy.

Company pages

You can share to a LinkedIn company page if your LinkedIn profile has management permissions for that page. Click here to learn how to share to a LinkedIn company page.


This section covers media components specific to LinkedIn. Please view our articles on image specifications and video specifications to learn more about optimizing sizes and files when sharing media.

Multi-image shares

LinkedIn has the ability to publish multi-image posts directly on their platform. However, we can not publish post with multiple images from EveryoneSocial to LinkedIn due to API limitations. LinkedIn will only accept a single image with each share. If you want to add more images, you'll want to share the content and then edit the post on LinkedIn and add more images to it. 

🔹Carousels are a type of multi-image posts that are no longer available for organic posts in LinkedIn–though you may still see them in ad posts. Users can still posts multiple images with posts. Only the format has changed. 


You can share a video from EveryoneSocial to LinkedIn that will play directly (natively) on LinkedIn if it meets LinkedIn's requirements.

  • Video File Size: 75 KB (min) - 200 MB (max)
  • Video Duration: 3 seconds - 30 minutes
  • Video Sound Rate: Less than 64 KHz
  • Minimum width: 360 pixels
  • Maximum width: 1920 pixels
  • Minimum height: 360 pixels
  • Maximum height: 1920 pixels
  • Minimum aspect ratio: 9:16 (0.563)
  • Maximum aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.778)

Click here to learn more about LinkedIn's video requirements.

🔹Larger video files can be shared to LinkedIn, but the video converts to a clickable image that redirects to the video post's Public Post Page.

Link posts and GIFs

LinkedIn scrapes links with a different scraper than what we use in EveryoneSocial, and it has its own rules about a link’s preview image. LinkedIn will not use GIFs scraped from a URL when the link is shared from a third-party platform. Usually, LinkedIn uses the GIF's first frame as the image. There is no workaround for this.


LinkedIn does not currently allow tagging user profiles, but you can tag company pages in the share copy. Click here to learn how to mention a LinkedIn company page

There are a couple of workarounds to tag a user's profile in the share copy.

  • Edit the post in LinkedIn, and tag the profile.

    Editing the profile used to be frowned upon, but this changed in May of 2023 and is no longer penalized. Edit a post to tag someone if there is a high likelihood the person will interact with your post, such as giving kudos like “Great interview with the team @everyonesocial today!” or if there is a direct correlation to the information provided, such as citing authorship.

  • Tag profiles in the comments.

    Comment tagging will not negatively impact reach, and there's no waiting period from the time the post is published and mentioning someone. Comment tagging is ideal if you want to draw attention to the article, without applying attribution. Make sure the profiles you are tagging will engage with your post to avoid appearing spammy.


What are the limitations when sharing LinkedIn videos natively?

We have found the following limitations when playing videos natively:

  1. Emojis are being translated to an ⍰ icon when posting to LinkedIn from EveryoneSocial.
  2. Special characters (such as $, (), and %) are cutting off the share copy. 
  3. Views and clicks are not able to be tracked.
  4. Shared videos have a "like" and "comment" engagement option. No "share" option is available.

Can I view analytics for Native Video sharing?

Great question! We are currently working on video analytics and anticipate this to be available with the next update. At this time, analytics report if someone engaged with the post but can not see if a video was clicked or viewed. Please stay tuned and follow this article to be notified when this is updated, and view counts are available.

Why can’t we upload larger videos?

Some platforms allow videos with a large file size to be uploaded directly to the platform. For example, LinkedIn allows 5GB videos to be uploaded. But secondary platforms, like EveryoneSocial, are limited to 200MB. We are looking for ways to increase the video size and will update this article as soon as that’s available.

Can I loop videos on LinkedIn?

Great question! LinkedIn hasn’t officially announced the ability to loop videos, but it has been discovered you can loop short videos with LinkedIn Video Ads, between 3 and 15 seconds. Here’s a blog article with more information.

Why can't I share my post to LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's API has a few requirements that must be met if you want to share content to its platform. For example, if you want to include special characters as part of your copy, LinkedIn requires special characters to be escaped, adding to the character limit. Escape special characters by adding a backslash before it, for example:

  • Parenthesis ( or )  should look like \( and \)

If you're experiencing issues where the share isn't publishing to LinkedIn, please reach out to our Support team to determine what the root cause is. Thanks!

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