Instagram and EveryoneSocial Overview

Social networks have unique approaches to social and how they want you to interact. This determines how content is displayed, which brings a set of guidelines, capabilities, and best practices for each network – and Instagram is no different. There are a lot of considerations to understand the nuances when sharing to Instagram from EveryoneSocial in an effort to build brand awareness. This article explores the relationship between Instagram and EveryoneSocial, considerations when sharing content, and techniques for gathering relevant data on this network.

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Instagram overview

Instagram is a platform where people can build their personal brands, with some overlap to build professional brands. Instagram has more of a human-element, where the content tends to be more relatable and amount to personal experiences.

Anyone can share posts to Instagram as long as an account is authorized to share from EveryoneSocial; this includes logged in users sharing from EveryoneSocial and anonymous users sharing from a Public Post Page.

Learn more about sharing to Instagram from EveryoneSocial in this blog article.

Find content to share to Instagram

Instagram focuses on video and image sharing, and EveryoneSocial supports sharing images to Instagram.

If you are looking for content to share from EveryoneSocial, you can use the search 

find shareable content.

  • Search for a keyword and filter by “photo” posts.
  • Search “instagram” to find engageable posts related to or specifically for Instagram.

search instagram content.gif

Share to Instagram

Share image posts to Instagram from EveryoneSocial using the mobile app. Instagram accepts up to 50 posts, per user, per 24 hour period.

  1. Locate an image post in EveryoneSocial.
  2. Tap Share.

You will be brought to a page "Craft Your Share" where you can choose “Insta.” The mobile app checks whether there is suggested share copy. If there is, it is copied to the clipboard, and then Instagram opens.

🔹If you don’t see Instagram, tap Apps, and locate Instagram to select it.

Once Instagram is opened, select how you want to share the content – as a story, to your feed, or in a direct message. You can customize the share after the content type is selected using all the features and tools available within Instagram. Remember to paste the share copy in the commentary area.

Instagram’s requirements

There are a few things to keep in mind when sharing content to Instagram.


When you share images from EveryoneSocial to Instagram, please ensure images meet Instagram’s image specifications. Otherwise, the images may not provide a great experience for your audience.

  • File formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, and non-animated GIF
  • Aspect ratio: Between 1.91:1 and 4:5

Keep in mind, posts will be displayed on your feed, where images will be squared and stacked three in a row.

Multi-image shares

Sharing content from Instagram means you can upload more than one image with the share because the share is finalized in Instagram. Click here to learn more about posting multiple images in Instagram.


Instagram supports static images and videos. You’ll need to convert animated GIFs to videos if you want to use GIFs, and then share the videos directly to Instagram.


Videos are able to be uploaded directly to Instagram. If you see a video you want to share from EveryoneSocial to Instagram, be sure to download the video file to share directly on Instagram. If you share the video from EveryoneSocial, it will convert to a static image, and it will only display the first frame of the video.

Drive visibility directly on Instagram

Modern advocacy isn’t just about sharing posts to social networks; advocacy is also about driving engagement on social networks' posts. One way to drive engagement is to share social posts that align with your program and ask your team to engage with them. This increases traffic to the post, and gets more people interacting with the post, which is known to increase impressions and virality chances.

Instagram engage button.png

This article walks you through how to create an engageable post in EveryoneSocial. Be sure to use a publicly accessible link from Instagram.


The following data is available for Instagram on the “Users: External Activity” report because the data is based on link posts that use a link from Instagram. It tracks the times Engage is clicked.

  • branded_engage_instagram_actions: A link post featuring a URL for an Instagram post had the Engage Call-To-Action, and the post is considered branded.
  • non_branded_engage_instagram_actions: A link post featuring a URL for an Instagram post had the Engage Call-To-Action, and the post is not considered branded.

If you would like to find information about content shared to Instagram, we are limited to the above, due to Instagram’s API limitations and not being authorized to stay connected to users' accounts. Typically, EveryoneSocial uses tracking links to gather data from apps that don’t have an always-on connection; however, Instagram supports images only and we are unable to use our tracking links. Because of that, the available data is limited. Any content shared to Instagram will have the value
network_shared_to listed as “Direct.”

Please reach out to our Support team if you have any questions about TikTok, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

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