How Does an Image Post Work

An image post is a piece of content that is centered around an image or images; they can be static or GIFs. Use an image post to create content that stops someone from scrolling.

Image posts work well for the following.

  • Share personal photos to build your rapport and brand.
  • Emphasize your company culture by sharing images of your team and office-life.
  • Share experiences and memories made with colleagues.
  • Share your company or industry memes.
  • Make an announcement, such as hitting 1000 followers or a new certification.

Here’s an example of an image post compared to a text post.

EveryoneSocial supports image posts that have a single shared image. While we support multiple share versions, which have up to five images, only one image can be shared to social networks.

There is no workaround for this, however we are always exploring possibilities. Tell us more about the features and capabilities you want to see when sharing images on social networks by dropping your suggestions in our Product Portal – a place for you to share your feedback directly with our team.

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