How Does a Video Post Work

Video posts are an increasingly popular way to connect with networks on social media. However, creating an engaging video post requires a good understanding of how to create a video post and the nuances for that medium. In this article, we explore the requirements of how to create a video post and share it on social networks. 

Post a video

Video posts can be published to EveryoneSocial with a few requirements for a playable video. This is done by following the steps to publish posts to EveryoneSocial using the "Image or Video" post type. 


Once a video is published, two in-app notifications are sent to confirm the post's publication process.

  • Notification 1: “Post created successfully.” This means the post was created but is not yet visible to others. This is the first step, but the video is still processing. 
  • Notification 2: “Your video has finished processing.” Your post is now visible to others! Depending on the video size, this process usually takes 3-15 minutes. Larger files may take notably longer to process.

Video sharing

Once published, video posts can be shared to social networks.

🔹Shared Video Posts that do not meet a network's video specifications will be turned into a static, clickable image that takes viewers to a Public Post Page.

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Native videos

You may hear us talk about native videos. Simply put, this means shared Video Posts respond as if uploaded directly to social networks. The video plays natively inside the social network without clicking a link to view it elsewhere. The network’s regular video controls are also available, making an audience’s experience seamless.

When a social network doesn’t treat the video as a native video, the network typically turns videos into a static, clickable image that takes viewers to a Public Post Page. This depends entirely on social networks and how they treat EveryoneSocial’s video content.

Currently, native videos can be shared on LinkedIn

Click here to learn more about Video Specifications for sharing videos on social networks.

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