Group Examples for a Successful Workspace

Creating the right Groups for a Workspace is crucial for ensuring users have the ability to focus on topics that meet their content needs and interests. This article provides examples of the Groups to create and the topics to place in them. 

Here's the general list of recommended Groups.

Company news

Company news People love to congratulate others and share their own successes, such as having a new office building, job promotions, and acquiring funding. Company news should contain topics that share your company's mission and successes on social. Here's a list of topics that can be covered.

  • Product-focused: Highlights demos, product releases, upgrades, rebranding, and provides rich history.
  • Marketing content: Present the marketing teams content and share core values and industry insights, such as case studies, data analysis, and editorials.
  • New hires: Shares success of bringing on a new team member and introduces the person being hired. This showcases the growth of the company while also celebrating the people who work with you.

    🔹 Make these Engageable posts for users to interact directly on social networks and tag the new hire for extra visibility.

  • Cultural posts: Share the company's values and culture by showing what it's like to work for your company, and share different colleagues's perspectives.

🔸 Depending on the size of your company, you may wants to split these into multiple Groups to improve your team's experience and allow them to access content most relevant to them. 

Professional development

People love to be successful and grow professionally, which is why professional development content performs well. This Group should share content that allows people to be successful at any company and could contain tips about what options your company currently employs, such as trainings and educational opportunities. Here's a list of topics to include in professional development.

  • Thought leadership blogs: Share thoughts from leaders in your company and outside of your company.  This content can showcase leadership styles (improving talent acquisition) and share expectations on what to expect when working with your team.
  • Work/life balance tips: Synchronize with your team and showcase how to best provide a work/life balance for a thriving community.
  • Communication tips: Provide tips on communicating in written and spoken languages. Share what to do when communicating, what to avoid, and how to be heard as a professional. Consider listening, body language, and positioning as part of this topic.
  • Time management ideas: Share what helps increase productivity and streamline processes. If it makes your life easier, it'll probably help someone else.
  • Goal-setting skills: Include tips on who, what, when, where, how, and why to set goals. These are most impactful when shared at the beginning and end quarters and fiscal years.
  • Tech tips: Software and hardware are essential to everyone's jobs. Give people tips on what works, or doesn't work, for you and insights into why.

There are many more topics for professional development. If you have a robust team, consider breaking up these topics in separate Groups to allow your team to view and share content most applicable to them.

Industry knowledge and news

Build a Group that gives your team the ability to share their knowledge and the latest news related to the product, people, and industry you serve. It keeps sales teams relevant.

  • Partner content: Share from your partners' ecosystem and build a relationship by sharing what they are doing. This extends your partner community and shows you care about relationships.
  • News agencies: If anything is happening that is bringing attention to news agencies, such as the rebrand of Twitter to X, your team should have the content available to share. Remember to keep these relevant to your industry and not general business news. 
  • Business reports: Does your company provide business reports? Consider making a public version that can be shared by your team. 
  • Studies: People love data and scientific studies are a great way to showcase data that's trusted and relevant. If your team has access to a new study that's related to your industry, make this available as part of your industry Group.

Social trends

Hop on that bandwagon. If you're looking for more engagement, social trends are one way to do this. Ever see the videos about "A day in the life of..."? Yep, we have too. Social trends are a way to be fun, share engaging content, and showcase your team is active and in-the-know about social communities. While this may not always align with company content, it does bolster your team's network growth. 

Provide them a Group with trending topics that align with your company's values but also allow them to showcase their relevance. 

Social prompts

Social prompts inspire your team to write their own content while staying relevant. You can also share images that inspire their audience to engage with the share, such as sharing an image with the question prompt. 

Learn more about Social Media Prompts

Executive-only Groups

Executives and leaders are busy and if you have a robust platform, there may be a lot of content that may not apply to what the executive team will want to share.

Create a Group for only executives so they can quickly see the content most applicable to them. Use this to send weekly Content Emails to remind them if there is content left unshared. 

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