Smart Scheduler Overview

Life gets busy, and you may need to reprioritize social posting. Smart Scheduler is an optional feature that ensures your social presence is active, even if you have to take a break from social media. It can be enabled for connected networks, i.e., LinkedIn and X.

Smart Scheduler looks for a shareable post from your timeline that has the most external engagements. If you haven't shared for a while, Smart Scheduler will add the post to your share queue. 

You can view Smart Scheduler Best Practices by clicking this link or download a one-pager here to introduce Smart Scheduler to your team.

This is available on the Enterprise and Unlimited User plan.

This is accessible to all roles and permission levels.

How it works

Consider this your set-it-and-forget-it tool. Smart Scheduler is an optional feature that can be enabled for any X and LinkedIn accounts that are authenticated with EveryoneSocial; it works when you need to take a break from social posting. 

Authenticated accounts persist between Workspaces. If you have access to more than one Workspace, and Smart Scheduler is activated on at least one Workspace, it will be activated on all Workspaces. 

Watch this video to learn more.

Here are the 5 steps the Smart Scheduler follows:

  1. Your profile hasn’t shared to a connected network for 3 weeks.
  2. The Smart Scheduler finds the post with the highest engagements for that network.
  3. Smart Scheduler schedules the share.
  4. A notification is sent to provide share details. 
  5. Share is published 3 days after the notification is sent.

The Smart Scheduler curates content for profiles within a Workspace on a nightly basis. During the nightly review, the Smart Scheduler uses the Requirements and Logic to schedule content to publish to a social network 3 days later, at 9 AM Central Time.

The Smart Scheduler first looks at connected social profiles that haven't shared for 21 days; it then looks for posts that received the most engagements to share to the same network. For example, if a profile has a LinkedIn account connected and that profile hasn't shared to LinkedIn for 21 days, then the Smart Scheduler looks for the post in that user's profile with the most LinkedIn engagements. Then, it schedules a LinkedIn share for the post. Smart Scheduler will use the same process when sharing to X.

Once a share has been scheduled, two notifications are sent: a push notification and an email notification.

No approval is required for the share to publish, and the Smart Scheduler will work its magic without any further action.

Requirements and logic

Smart Scheduler will only schedule shares if the below criteria are met:

Network requirements

Your profile's connected networks must meet the following requirements for a share to occur:

  • A connected network hasn't shared from EveryoneSocial in the past 21 days and…
  • A share is not scheduled to publish to the network in the next 7 days.

This is true for any EveryoneSocial account.  

Post requirements

Once a connected social network meets the requirements above, then the Smart Scheduler starts to look at Post requirements. Posts must meet the following criteria:

  • External engagements are from a connected social account.
  • External engagements were received during the profile’s inactive share period.
  • Post is from a followed Group.
  • Post contains share copy.
  • Post isn’t expired.
  • Post hasn’t been shared to the connected social account by your profile.

Schedule logic

Once a Network and the Post have met all requirements, the Smart Scheduler schedules a share to the social network. Shares will be scheduled according to this logic:

  • Scheduled for 9 AM Central Time.
  • Shared 3 days from the notification date.
  • Will not post on weekends.
  • Copy and Image will be randomly chosen for posts with multiple share versions.


Smart Scheduler sends notifications when a post is scheduled to a network. Click the notification to review and edit the post. The following notification types are sent to users who have a share scheduled by the Smart Scheduler.

  • Push Notifications: Sent to a mobile device, if the EveryoneSocial app is downloaded.
  • Email Notifications: Sent to the user's email address.

Manage notifications in profile’s account settings. Click to learn more about notifications.

Edit scheduled shares

This feature is only available on desktop devices.

Scheduled shares can be edited by going to your Activity tab. Activity displays actions and stats associated with your profile. Here, you’ll find a list of scheduled shares. Hover over the shares to edit or delete them.

Smart Scheduler Settings

Smart Scheduler is managed in your profile’s account settings. You’ll find toggles for connected networks to enable and disable Smart Scheduler on a per-network basis. 

  1. Go to the profile menu.
  2. Select Account Settings.
  3. Scroll to Connected Accounts.
  4. Toggle On/Off Smart Scheduler.
  5. Click Save Changes.


How do you prioritize my networks to share to?

We look at connected accounts that haven't shared in 21 days. If all connected accounts are found not to have shared in the last 21 days, then we:
  • Share to the account with the highest reach.
  • If both accounts have the same reach, share to the first-connected account.

How will my team know this is enabled?

Once someone connects a social account, a popup appears to inform the person connecting the account that the Smart Scheduler is enabled. The Save & Activate button must be clicked to enable Smart Scheduler. 

If someone connects a profile on the mobile app, a modal will not appear and the Smart Scheduler will be disabled. It can be enabled anytime via the desktop app. 

Can I see data around what's shared using the Smart Scheduler?

While we cannot provide data at this time, we are actively building this into our User reports. This article will be updated as soon as that information is available.

Can I use the Smart Scheduler for connected company pages?

We are looking to build more functionality into this feature and are researching ways to share to company pages. This capability is not currently available, but it is something we are looking to improve soon. Stay current on all releases by following

Can I update the logic and requirements for the Smart Scheduler?

We want you to be able to use the Smart Scheduler and share when you want to share. We hope to have this available soon and will be sure to update this article when that’s available. You can also stay current on all releases by checking out this Help Center article: Release Notes.

I have multiple Workspaces. How does the Smart Scheduler work for both of them?

The Smart Scheduler schedules content per-Workspace. However, network connections persist across Workspaces, so you will need to enable or disable the Smart Scheduler for all Workspaces.
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