Image Looks Smaller on LinkedIn than on EveryoneSocial

We've all been there: we have a great post that we've curated and are ready to share with the world, but when the post publishes to LinkedIn, the image is smaller than we expected. While this experience is a product of LinkedIn's new focus on native content, EveryoneSocial is working to optimize the user experience when sharing content from our platform to LinkedIn.

What's happening: 

LinkedIn rolled out updates that prioritize sponsored content while deprioritizing posts from third-party applications, including trusted platforms like EveryoneSocial. As a result, users may notice that images accompanying shared posts appear smaller than anticipated. This change is part of LinkedIn's strategy to encourage native content posting directly on their platform.

What we're doing about it:

Understanding these shifts, EveryoneSocial is actively working to enhance the user experience when sharing content from our platform to LinkedIn. While LinkedIn's adjustments aim to make third-party content less visually appealing, we are committed to finding solutions that maintain the quality and impact of shared posts.

For now, the best way to ensure your content stands out is to optimize your content by leveraging Image Posts and Video Posts instead of Link Posts. These formats display larger images and typically garner higher engagement rates.

To enhance data collection on our end, we're exploring methods to shorten URLs included in Share Copy, enabling us to track click data effectively. This development is a priority on our platform improvement agenda. For more information on our progress, feel free to check out our Product Portal or review our recent release notes.

By adapting to these changes and leveraging best practices for content sharing on LinkedIn, users can maximize visibility and engagement for their posts. EveryoneSocial remains dedicated to empowering users with effective tools and strategies amid evolving social media landscapes.

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