Share Content Using the Mobile App

The EveryoneSocial mobile app can be used to share published posts from EveryoneSocial to mobile apps—such as Instagram, Xing, WeChat, and Weibo—on a post-by-post basis. This article walks you through how to use the mobile app to share posts. 

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How it works

To get started, ensure that you have both EveryoneSocial mobile app and the app you want to share content with downloaded on your mobile device. As long as you have these apps installed and are logged in, you can easily share content from EveryoneSocial to another network.

When you share content, you're essentially choosing what information (such as text, images, videos, URLs, etc.) you want to send to another network. Each network has its unique way of displaying content, and most of them allow you to customize how the shared content will appear before you publish it to your account. This means you can preview how your content will look before it's actually shared.

Supported apps for sharing

Here is are a few examples of applications that consistently support content sharing from EveryoneSocial. 

It's essential to understand that the way your content appears can vary across platforms because each network has its own content publishing guidelines. Consider the following.

  • Twitter's API transforms videos into clickable images that direct users to a Public Post Page.
  • Facebook utilizes images from shared links and does not allow custom images for link posts.
  • Instagram shares links via private messaging rather than posting directly to your feed.

Some apps might restrict sharing to a single page or impose restrictions on certain media types and file sizes. If you encounter any difficulties when sharing content to a particular network, consult that network's sharing specifications. 

The steps detailed below are generally consistent across all applications when sharing from the EveryoneSocial mobile app.

Share published content

When you're in the EveryoneSocial app, find the post you want to share and tap the Share button.

You will be brought to a page "Craft Your Share" where you can choose the network app and customize your share.

  • Share to Twitter: Share the post to a connected Twitter account.
  • Share to LinkedIn: Share the post to a connected LinkedIn account.
  • Schedule for Later: Share the content at a later date and time.
  • Instagram: Share the post in Instagram.
  • Facebook: Share the post to a Facebook account.
  • Apps: Select a downloaded app to share the post to.
  • ES Link: Copy the link to share the post as a Public Post Page.
  • Source: Copy the link post's URL to share the URL.

If you want to share to another application, tap the Apps icon. Select the app. You may have to tap More if you do not see the app you want to share to. Then, craft your share as the apps allow.

Once completed, your share should be published within the next few minutes. 

If you have any questions about mobile sharing, please reach out to our Support team, and we'd be happy to help!

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